Renting a Bali Yearly Rental Home? Here is a Pro Tip

1 February 2021 by Ade
Renting a Bali Yearly Rental Home? Here is a Pro Tip

Excited to browse our range of properties to choose from? Here are some useful tips to know before you choose your favorite villa.

Bali yearly rentals offer a lot of value for those who come to Bali to work, play, and rest. After all, the island is a bustling marketplace for remote-working creative professionals, and it is a great idea to make one of the many beautiful and affordable villas your home — a temporary home it seems, but a home nevertheless.


Excited to browse our range of properties? Here are some useful tips to know before you choose your favorite villa.


1. Bali yearly rental access is sometimes better than distance


It is true that location is the most important factor, but how do you determine which location is right for you? Do you first consider the distance to the beach, or a favorite hotspot, or to your favorite Bali destination? You may not want to live in a remote location away from the excitement, but you also do not want to live where you play — the novelty and excitement of your favorite place is diminished once you are accustomed to it.


Therefore, pick a location where it is easy to access not just your favorite places, but also the rest of Bali. This makes it easy to pursue a change of pace at a whim.


2. Consider each villa’s facilities and surroundings


As you will live in the villa for at least a year, it is important to get comfortable by taking advantage of the conveniences that our villas have to offer. Gardener, housemaid, and rubbish collection are extra value additions that you can easily outsource with our help. Check for the rates on the internet connection as well as its signal strength and reliability.


Other than that, consider your surroundings. Do you have access to the grocery store or restaurants for a good meal? Is the villa private enough that you can enjoy a quiet evening in peace?


3. Ask about subletting policies for your Bali yearly rental


Each landlord has different rules about subletting (leasing to a subtenant). After living here for quite some time, you may consider renting one of your rooms to a holiday tourist. In case this is your plan, please have a thorough discussion with the landlord. In general, subletting is most likely possible with a leasehold title. It is inadvisable to sublet a villa regularly without the appropriate license.


Check out our villas at Bali Coconut Living, a property agent that can help you find your long term villa rental in Bali. We are also a villa management service to help landlords manage their villas for them.

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