Perfect Family Homes: Villas for Sale in Umalas

13 August 2020 by Ade
Perfect Family Homes: Villas for Sale in Umalas

The leasehold villas for sale in Umalas in this article are for 10 to 30-year lease, ideal for young families who like to move about.


Last week, we wrote an article titled “Below Two Billion: Bali Properties for Sale”. These are freehold properties that are the most affordable in our list. We also would like to present our most affordable leasehold properties that we know, and these are the best villas for sale in Umalas for leasehold arrangements.


The leasehold properties that we will cover in this article are for 10 to 30-year leases, which is ideal for young families who like to move about. Let’s dive right into it.


1. Villa Nisa


This 2-story villa has a total land size of 250 m2, so there is plenty of space to even fit a charming swimming pool, complete with day beds. The villa is fully-furnished with tools and utensils ready to be used if needed. There is very little reason to purchase new furniture as the existing ones are in excellent condition and fit well with the interior design.

With 3 bedrooms, the original homeowner envisioned this house as a place where a couple and their children can spend quality time in this cozy and intimate living space. It also makes a holiday experience more fun, as the villa is not too far away from the attractions in Seminyak and Petitenget. Lots of people dream of living there, so why not make Villa Nisa your home?

The villa is available for lease until 2053.


2. Villa Francois


The land size of this villa is vast – at 450 m2 on which a 190 m2 building stands. In fact, there isn’t just one building, but two (totalling up to that size). The main building unit comprises 4 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms, 2 storage rooms, and an open dining room on the terrace. The second ‘satellite’ building can be considered as a studio living quarter, with 1 en-suite bedroom and a fully equipped kitchen.

The remainder of the land size is dedicated to a larger garden, parking space for 2 cars and an 8.5 m by 3.5 m swimming pool. This property is ideal for families who prefer to live closer to Umalas’s exciting attraction points. We also highly recommend transforming the satellite building into a daily rental room for Airbnb and other rental services.

The villa is available for lease until 2035


3. Rosie House


Rosie House amazingly can accommodate six people with its six bedrooms, located a short distance away from Canggu Beach, Finns Recreational Club, and Petitenget. Just like Villa Francois, the house sits on a generous 500 m2 of land with two buildings that occupy 240 m2 of space. The main house consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, enclosed living space with a dining area and a storage.

Accompanying the main house is a wooden house that consists of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen and storage. The remainder of the area has been prepared for a tropical garden and private parking. The bigger space in the second house allows you to accommodate more guests, should you choose to rent out that house while living in the same property.

The villa is available for lease until 2035, and is extendable. Otherwise, it is also possible to lease for 5 years with a total price of Rp 1,350,000,000.


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