How To Find Tenants for Your Real Estate in Bali?

3 March 2020 by Ade
How To Find Tenants for Your Real Estate in Bali?

The steady growth of visitors coming to Bali is a confident signal that there is no shortage of potential tenants. However, you will most likely compete with the well-established hotel industry, if not other property owners in the market.


So how can you find tenants for your newly polished and treasured property asset? One of the easiest ways to market your property is through our property listing at Bali Coconut Living.


Why Bali Coconut Living?


Unlike most property agencies, we go above and beyond simply advertising your property online, in the hope that the right people will come to the right web page.


We think that the chances of this happening are astronomically small. So instead of waiting for tenants to find your property, we proactively add value to your properties.


Villa Management and Marketing Services


We understand that the property purchase was only half the battle. Maintaining the property to its fullest potential takes a lot of work, but that’s not all there is to do.


In order to receive positive referrals from your guests, it would be wise to provide services to cater to their unique needs and expectations.


Guest services and Day-to-day Operations: Trained hospitality staff and managers will ensure that your villa is as welcoming and comfortable as possible.


Building and technical maintenance: Our reliable technical staff ensures that no power outage or drought can dramatically decrease the level of comfort and happiness of your guests.


You can also rely on our marketing team not only to advertise your villa’s availability, but also to simplify the booking and payment process. No more hassle with international bank transfers.


Your guests can simply pay up front before coming to your villa; your earnings will be securely deposited into your account.


We value transparency as much as you do. We provide monthly reports on how your villa is doing, including recommendations on what actions to take.


A villa success story


Villa Natayani is just one of the villas whose owners have entrusted us its management. It is a 2-bedroom Bali-style villa, located in Seminyak’s Oberoi “East Street”. Every newly arriving guest is greeted by the Villa Manager or the Senior Butler. The respectful and unobtrusive maid and pool attendants work at their very best to ensure that the guests’ holiday experience is not met with any inconvenience.


Bali Coconut Living is a property agency, consultant, and management service under one roof. Kindly inquire about any questions you may have surrounding property ownership, management, and business.

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