How to Plan A Long Term Budget Holiday in Bali

4 November 2019 by Ade
How to Plan A Long Term Budget Holiday in Bali

If you plan on staying in Bali long-term, specifically work-related, renting a villa is the recommended option. Not only is renting a villa cheaper compared to paying for a hotel, but its also much more comfortable with more space for you to feel at home.

Luckily, there is something for every budget in Bali, whether it’s long or short term stay. Here is a guide to renting a long-term villa in Bali.

Reach out to anyone you know

Whether its someone you know, a travel blogger or anyone else. It's always a good idea to ask people who have experience in Bali apartment renting beforehand. Anyone you ask will be happy to assist you and surprisingly friendly, so don’t hesitate to get their help!

Check the properties in person before you commit

Say you’ve found the perfect villa online, with amazing pictures and even a private pool, it’s also within your price range. All your boxes have been ticked and you are sold by the photos. However, once you actually visit the property, its location may be next to a construction site, the kitchen might be messy and the furniture might smell like hell, the landlord may not care less about his property. In the end, you have to question yourself, will you be able to stay there for a few months?

Checklist the things you want

Find a place that ticks all your required boxes. For example, if strong internet is essential, add it to your list. Perhaps a private villa with at least one bedroom and separate workspace is your ideal stay – add it to your list. You may also want the villa to be in the center of the town, close to the beach and with a private pool – add it to your list.

If you choose the right place to stay, living long term in Bali can be a quiet paradise where you enjoy your workplace and can relax at the same time. Need assistance finding a long term rental in Bali? Contact Bali Coconut Living for some long and short-term villa rentals, and we’ll get you your dream property in Bali!

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