Living in Bali as a Digital Nomad

20 August 2019 by Ade
Living in Bali as a Digital Nomad

With the rich history and culture, gorgeous beaches and sceneries, beautiful weather and its iconic spiritual traditions. Bali boasts excellent networking opportunities and an ideal destination for digital nomads to live in.

Here, we’ll offer you some guidance before you set foot in Bali.


You don’t need to speak Indonesian or Balinese to live in Bali, as most people in Bali can speak a bit of English, especially in the younger generation. Though, if you head towards the rural areas, you’ll probably have to rely on hand signals to interact with the locals. A tip is to take at least a week of Indonesian classes before heading to Bali.

Daily Living Costs in Bali

Bali offers digital nomads the ability to live a very afforadable, or very extravagant lifestyle. You can get delicious Balinese street food for as little sa $1 – and then explore exceptional gastronmic experiences at night. Bali offers the ability to tailor your lifestyle to your budget!

Meet up with Other Digital Nomads

By starting to meet and visit in some of the co-working spaces around the island, you’ll get to meet and make some great friends as Bali is an excellent place for networking as a digital nomad. Remember that you are really paying for the company. You can meet business owners and freelancers in co-working spaces and create opportunities for yourself.

Digital nomads are living in Bali for years and have claimed to enjoy the weather, atmosphere and nice international communities to meet. If you are a digital nomad yourself and looking for an affordable, long term villa rental of up to years stay, contact Bali Coconut Living for some great deals of villas around the popular areas of Bali for your choice of stay.

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