Now is The Right Time to Invest in Leasehold Villa in Canggu

22 October 2021 by Ade
Now is The Right Time to Invest in Leasehold Villa in Canggu

Bali has definitely not lost its charm and its appeal despite the Covid-19 outbreak. When the pandemic started in 2020, international tourists were prohibited from entering Bali but domestic tourists were still making frequent trips to and from the Island of the Gods to enjoy a little break in the sun.


Canggu is still crowded with foreigners who can’t leave the island due to travel restrictions, and we know for a fact that once borders open up, there will be a major influx of international and domestic travellers pouring into Canggu looking for villas to rent.


So if you’re planning to invest in a leasehold villa in Canggu, now would be the best time. Prices are at the lowest they’ve ever been, and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.


Here are 3 reasons why you should invest in a Leasehold Villa in Canggu now:

1. Buyer’s Market

If you’re looking to and are in a great position to invest, then now is definitely the best time to invest in a leasehold villa in Canggu. According to Nikkei Asia, rental rates for the island's 4,000 villas have been slashed by as much as 85%. Asking prices are now between 30 - 50% below pre-Covid-19 asking prices.


This is the golden opportunity for you to take advantage of lower prices and low-interest rates. There would also be fewer people competing for each property so you can take your time to find the perfect villa that suits all your preferences.


2. Long-Term Investment

We know for a fact that property prices will bounce back once the borders reopen and the economy regains momentum, so if you can get your foot in the door now, you will likely be rewarded with a solid Return On Investments in the long term. Rental prices will most likely triple too once the demand for villas in Canggu increases.


3. Guaranteed Returns

Analysts at Mckinsey have predicted that Indonesia will become one of the largest economies globally by 2030. There is also a strong indication that individuals and families would seek to live in a place with warm weather, friendly cultures, and beautiful surroundings that is generally more affordable than big cities. Tourism in Bali might also change towards becoming more sustainable with long-term visitors, instead of mass tourism with holidaymakers seeking cheap and fast rentals.


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