East Bali Villas For Sale

19 October 2021 by Ade
East Bali Villas For Sale

East Bali is a wonderful place for a retreat; peaceful, green, and calm, here is where you’ll find pristine coastlines, quiet sandy beaches with sparkling blue water, thriving ricefields, breathtaking viewpoints from atop soaring cliffs and hilly bays surrounded by lush and untouched greenery.


Everywhere you go in East Bali, you’ll have the magnificent Gunung Agung standing majestically in the background, adding to the sense of adventure and escape. It is the ideal destination if you want to escape the crowds of Seminyak and Canggu and just spend some quiet time with yourself and your loved ones in an easy-going and laid-back atmosphere.


If you’re someone who loves to pack up and escape the hustle and bustle of modern living, then owning a home here in East Bali might just be perfect for you. Imagine having a beautiful Balinese villa in the countryside to go to whenever you wish! Just a few hours away by car or bike and you’re in another, quieter version of paradise, ready to rejuvenate, relax and unwind.


Let’s take a look at some Bali villas for sale in East Bali that you may love.

Villa Damai

Located in the popular resort town of Candidasa in Karangasem, East Bali, Villa Damai is a nest of tranquillity, a beautiful stone, wood, and alang-alang structure built with love and care that you can now call your own. It’s a charming space with marble walls and floors, vaulted ceilings, wooden accents, and a traditional Balinese roof.  There are 2 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms, a closed living area with glass doors, a kitchen, and 2 outdoor gazebos.


The entire property overlooks a large swimming pool that is nestled in between the main house and the outdoor living spaces. Balinese statues dot the garden area and there is a high wall surrounding the 400 sqm beachfront property. The villa ages well, thanks to the use of premium and high-quality natural materials. It is the perfect cocoon for those who are looking for a second home in nature that they can retouch, remodel and upgrade.


Villa Coco Breeze

If you love solitude, nature and adventure, then Villa Coco Breeze is everything that you could ever dream of. This rustic, charming and cosy collection of 4 wooden villas is nestled under groves of tall coconut trees in a lush, well-kept garden that is metres away from a white sandy beach. Privacy and exclusivity are assured as the land that the villas is built on are huge, measuring 9340 m2.


Built to embrace its surroundings, Villa Coco Breeze is a home that you would normally read about in children’s books – a small, lovely and welcoming cottage nestled amidst fragrant foliage where it is always summer and the neighbours are always happy and welcoming.


Now it has come to life in the pristine shores of Karangasem, a mini-resort that you can call your own. Each cottage comes with a bedroom with an ensuite, a semi-open living area and an outdoor terrace. The entire property shares a swimming pool, outdoor gazebos and living areas, a kitchen and a breathtaking view of the sand and the sea from within the villa’s grounds.


Ready to start exploring your dream East Bali villa? Contact us now. Bali Coconut Living is a leading Seminyak-based villa property agent in Bali ready to assist you in buying, selling, and villa maintenance.


Feel free to browse through our listings of freehold or leasehold villas, available for sale and for rent in all of the most popular areas including East Bali, Seminyak, Umalas, Uluwatu, Jimbaran and Canggu.

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