Hilltop Land For Sale In South Bali

28 September 2021 by Ade
Hilltop Land For Sale In South Bali

Owning land in Bali would be one of the smartest and most valuable investments that you could do for your future self. Land value throughout the island has been growing exponentially since the 1970s and has never really stopped!


Additionally, a piece of land is pretty much low maintenance; you won’t need to pay utility bills, there are no mortgage payments or insurance and taxes would be minimal. After purchase, you can pretty much leave it alone and know that it would most likely remain in one piece.


Despite the current global situation and the pandemic, now would be one of the very best times to purchase land. It’s definitely a buyer’s market with landowners slashing down prices to meet current market conditions.


Here are some reasons as to why you should invest in a plot of land or two here in Bali.

1. Fantastic Passive Investment

With land, you don’t need to worry about upkeep or maintenance until the time comes for you to start development! You can safely use it as an investment vehicle for the future and you won’t have to worry about your land being stolen!

2. Returns Without Increasing Risks

The land that you purchase will not disappear or vanish as shares or stocks can. It is tangible and physical and it is all yours. Despite the global economic situation, land ownership will not change.

3. Land Is Limited

Remember when Seminyak and Canggu were mostly rice fields? That was only 10 years ago. With the growth of tourism and the expat and local community here in Bali, land will continue to be snapped up and developed as towns and communities expand. There’s no time like the present to get in on this growth.

4. Land Is Affordable

Land is inexpensive to own and over time it will grow in value. There are no mortgage payments or utility bills. There are no extra charges for security, maintenance, electricity or internet. No roof needs to be replaced. Once you purchase your plot of land, it can just quietly sit there until you decide what to do with it!

5. Guaranteed Income or Profit

Land is less costly to buy than developed real estate, just because there is nothing on it. Just make sure to do your due diligence and make sure that the piece of land is in a path of growth, something that could attract future developers. You could sell that property for multiple the amount that you bought it for, and enjoy guaranteed profit!


Now that you know all the great reasons to own yourself a piece of land here in Bali, why not start browsing? Remember that location should be your number priority. John Jacob Astor, a real estate mogul once said, “Buy and wait. Buy near a growing city. Buy when other people want to sell. Hold on to what you buy!”


Here in Bali, hilltop land with breathtaking views are in extremely high demand as they make the most incredible locations for villas, retreats, and resorts. The land’s elevated position would also ensure unimpeded views all around, fresh air, and the sea breeze.


One prime example would be our 14 Are Hilltop Land in Nusa Dua. This plot sits on lush, thriving land surrounded by beautiful foliage and with 360 degrees of unimpeded views. The land size is 1400 m2, freehold, and is priced at IDR 580,000,000/are.


Another fantastic land available for sale would be our 20 Are Hilltop Land in Jimbaran-Ungasan that comes with amazing views of the GWK statue, Gunung Agung, and the lush valley below. The land size is 2000 m2, freehold, and is priced at IDR 525, 000,000/are/year.


Ready to view some prime land here in Bali? Contact us now. Bali Coconut Living is a leading Seminyak-based property agent ready to assist you in buying and selling land.


Feel free to browse through our listings in all of the most popular areas including Seminyak, Umalas, Uluwatu, Jimbaran and Canggu.

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