Loft Apartments for Long Term Rentals in Bali

28 April 2021 by Ade
Loft Apartments for Long Term Rentals in Bali

Most people don’t realize that their lifestyles can be affected by the style of their homes. At least, the apartment-style villas of Menara Loft Apartment would give you a fresh, new perspective of what could be possible while staying in a Bali long-term villa.


A studio apartment for long term rental in Bali


In a post last month, we covered Leo Apartments in east Kerobokan, a beautiful complex comprising several 2-story apartment units and a shared pool — a typical Balinese apartment usually looks like this.


But Menara Loft Apartment is different. Nestled on 120 square meters of land, this exclusive unit is a modern home with its own pool and a private garden patio. The villa makes use of loft architecture to create additional space for a ‘bedroom’, which is fitted over the dining room, and by doing so, creating a sense of openness and space. In fact, as the name suggests, Menara Loft Apartment does feel like it has plenty of breathing room, both indoors and outdoors.


The perfect home for couples


When it rains, the light tapping of the raindrops echoing against the solid wood board ceiling will lull you into a state of relaxation and peace as you cozy up with your partner in the loft-style bedroom. It is technically not a bedroom — we would classify the entire home as a studio apartment with a villa setting.


Absolutely perfect for child-free couples, this loft-style studio apartment is the ideal monthly rental home that provides a fantastic living space at an affordable monthly rate.


Incredibly close to the beach


The added benefits of Menara Loft Apartment to your modern lifestyle do not stop there. How would you like to go on a routine walk to the beach with your partner? No plans, no preparations, just a spontaneous walk to Berawa beach — which would take you no more than 20 minutes to reach on foot (5 minutes with a scooter)!


Would you like to know more about this loft apartment? Call us at +62 361 847 6727 (Bali Coconut Living) and we’ll show you around the place.

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