Why a Freehold Villa in Berawa is Worth It

30 March 2021 by Ade
Why a Freehold Villa in Berawa is Worth It

Berawa offers great value for tourists and for people who simply want to enjoy retirement. Coupled with a freehold land title, you can invest and manage a villa business and earn great profits.

Having freehold ownership of a villa in Berawa is a great thing, and in this article, we’ll tell you why.


Before you continue reading though, it is important to note that only Indonesian citizens have the right to own freehold property. If you are not of Indonesian nationality, you are still able to invest in a leasehold property, which gives you the right to sublet and earn profits at a margin of perhaps 15% at a 50% occupancy rate.


There are many benefits to having a freehold title. You can gain full control of the property, making improvements and therefore increasing the price substantially more. It is definitely easier to sell to other people with a freehold title (Sertifikat Hak Milik, SHM), as you are able to lease or sell completely. You can have peace of mind, knowing that the land price will increase throughout your lifetime, giving you a form of retirement benefit, in the form of assets or, when sold, cash.


Why choose a freehold villa in Berawa?


Berawa offers great value for tourists and people who simply want to enjoy some peace and quiet. As land prices are reaching all-time highs in Seminyak, and not to mention the prices of everything else, younger tourists and adventure-seeking visitors are moving westward along the shoreline in search of more affordable rentals, hotels, and attractions, while staying close to the great surf and sandy beaches that define Bali as a top international destination.


Following this trend, Berawa is projected to be fully developed like Seminyak within 10 years. As of now, it is already a lucrative area for many businesses. Even villa owners who own villas inland can enjoy a piece of the action. Berawa still offers an atmosphere of serenity, with its preserved rice farming culture that many long-term visitors adore.


Freehold villa for sale: Villa Casa de Campo


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