The Cost of Luxury Villas for Sale in Seminyak

15 March 2021 by Ade
The Cost of Luxury Villas for Sale in Seminyak

Seminyak is a town that enjoys an exquisite reputation, having received thousands of upmarket visitors every year for decades. It’s also a zone of fierce competition among fine establishments, such as 5-star hotels, luxury villas and apartments, beachfront restaurants and clubs, and world-renowned local brand shops.


This, of course, has driven land prices to a record high and anyone wishing to invest in a holiday rental to make a steady income stream off this tourism destination will have to be prepared to pay in cash.


How much does it cost to own a luxury villa in Seminyak?


Let us start with a few benchmarks on what a luxury villa in Seminyak would look like. A basic feature of a luxurious home is that there is a private swimming pool and also plenty of room around the margins between your building and the neighbors’. There should be enough space for a patch of garden or a tree to grow.


Based on the above descriptions of a Seminyak luxury villa, we’ve sampled seven different villas and their freehold prices below:

Villa Name: Villa Tanya
Land Size: 150 m2
Number of Bedrooms:  1
Freehold Price: IDR 3,800,000,000

Villa Name: Villa Puriti
Land Size: 200 m2
Number of Bedrooms: 2
Freehold Price: IDR 4,600,000,000

Villa Name:Villa Kifa
Land Size: 200 m2
Number of Bedrooms: 2
Freehold Price: IDR 4,725,000,000

Villa Name: Villa Romeo
Land Size: 300 m2
Number of Bedrooms: 4
Freehold Price: IDR 6,300,000,000

Villa Name: Villa Valencia
Land Size: 190 m2
Number of Bedrooms: 3
Freehold Price: IDR 6,900,000,000

Villa Name: Villa Rofa
Land Size: 620 m2
Number of Bedrooms: 8
Freehold Price: IDR 13,000,000,000

Villa Name: Villa Boston
Land Size: 850 m2
Number of Bedrooms: 8
Freehold Price:IDR 20,000,000,000


The price of each square meter for each property varies between IDR 20 million to IDR 25 million, with the highest being IDR 36 million per square meter. It is important to note that this number is just an estimate, and may not reflect the value or price of any specific property in Seminyak.


There are also other factors at play that contribute to the price of each property. For example, Villa Valencia is located at the beachfront, and guests are able to simply walk to the beach. The interior of Villa Tanya uses some of the best decorative materials and advanced lighting techniques have been implemented here by the architect.


If you want to make comparisons between more properties, simply head over to the homepage of Bali Coconut Living and use the Find Property filter. You can sort by land size, location, property type (villa, land, or commercial building), ownership type, and price range.


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