Beachfront Land for Sale in Bali

6 March 2021 by Ade
Beachfront Land for Sale in Bali

There are two ways to invest in a property in Bali. You can either buy a freehold villa or buy freehold land in Bali. The former is usually for the more aggressive investors who would risk the initial capital cost in order to generate cash over time. The latter is usually for the more conservative investors who would rather preserve their wealth.


Land, especially beachfront land in the Berawa area, is highly likely to see a rise in value. Such land can be a safe haven with low tax that may be sold later for a higher price, which can potentially beat inflation and has better returns compared to most bank interest rates. The price of land could see a steady increase compared to gold, and it is potentially liquid as future developers prefer to build on empty land — not to mention how competitive the property market will be over the next decade.


Beachfront land for sale in Canggu at Padang Linjong


Here we present a 5 Are (500 square meters) parcel near the beach that is already valued at IDR 8,000,000,000 total price. A villa that is constructed on this land will likely be valued at at least IDR 14 billion. A single villa complex constructed on 5 Are, assuming that we would use 300 square meters for the building, will be able to accommodate at least 3 guests.


Currently, a brick road leads to the quiet and serene area, where an apartment building has already stood. It would also be very profitable to a future developer to build a cafe or another place of entertainment so that residents don’t need to venture too far for entertainment and basic needs.


16 Are land for sale in Canggu


A few hundred meters from Pantai Munduk Catu, a wide-open field among villas and private houses is ready for sale, currently valued at IDR 8,750,000,000 per 5 Are. You could choose to acquire a minimum of 5 Are or the full 16 Are at a great price of IDR 25,6 billion.


For comparison, Villa Gloria with a 14 Are total land size can fetch up to IDR 30.8 billion. You could expect at least an addition of IDR 10 billion from a land investment with 16 Are, provided that the developer is willing to compete with hotels, villas, and high-end establishments in the future.


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This article is by no means a financial advice and estimated returns are speculative. Please consult with a qualified financial advisor to accurately gauge the risks and opportunities of property investing.

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