Yearly Villa in Bali: Villa Nevada 6

21 December 2020 by Ade
Yearly Villa in Bali: Villa Nevada 6

Villa Nevada 6 is available for yearly rent, offering a strategic home base at Batu Belig Road and great stay experiences to enjoy once the villa is yours.

Villa Nevada 6 isn’t your average 3-bedroom medium-sized villa. For a villa of this size and caliber, it surely can accommodate high quality living for a family of four with two children, or even a group of nomadic digital talents wanting to tap into the elusive Balinese market.


Villa Nevada 6 is available for yearly rental in Bali at a decent price, offering a great location at Batu Belig Road as well as great stay experiences that can be enjoyed once the villa is yours. Let’s take a peek into the villa.


Spacious gardens for a yearly villa in Bali


The villa sits on a generous 300 square meters of land, which means it can accommodate a small swimming pool and a decent outdoor sitting area, a perfect place to have a picnic within the villa grounds. Reclining on a daybed in the garden next to a pool while working or relaxing, is an ideal picture of the Bali lifestyle.


Most of the villas we feature in Bali Coconut Living put an emphasis on being close to nature. After all, Bali is an island that is blessed with natural beauty, and residents of a villa should be exposed to it as much as possible.


The garden features many tropical plants with large leaves, which offers pleasant sights and fresh air. Some plants are flowering plants that are simple to maintain; all you need to do is to water them a little bit during the dry season, but you can let nature do the rest during the monsoon season.


The interior of Villa Nevada 6


If there is one word to describe this Bali yearly villa, it is home. It is a noun, not an adjective, for many reasons. Any villa can be cozy, homey, and welcoming, but not any villa can be a home.


Villa Nevada 6 in particular is a home to many people who have rented it before. The villa is simple, minimalistic, with traditional charms mixed with contemporary arts and decorative features. It is the feeling that you can find in most people’s homes — a little bit of something new from the home depot, mixed in with family heirlooms and objects of sentiment.


The interior design of Villa Nevada 6 is familiar yet refreshing. To learn more about this yearly villa in Bali,  simply talk to us.

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