Bali Yearly Rentals: One Year at a Time

26 October 2020 by Ade
Bali Yearly Rentals: One Year at a Time

Take a closer look at these two homes for Bali yearly rentals, and feel free to contact us whenever you decide that you like one of them.


How does it feel to move to a tropical island and stay in a villa for one year? Whether you are a remote worker or a lifestyle experimentalist, there are plenty of opportunities to live in Bali on an affordable yearly rental home.


Take a closer look at these two homes for Bali yearly rentals, and feel free to contact us whenever you decide to visit them.


Villa Izmir


Villa Izmir is often mistaken as a miniature royal palace in the Canggu neighborhood. With high walls decorated with tropical vines, surrounding a large swimming pool, this villa can become your very own garden palace. In this fully-furnished 250 square-meter villa, you can live like how the ancient Balinese royals used to live in their garden palaces.


Since each of the three bedrooms here are fully-furnished, you get to enjoy a few surprising touches. Want to lie down with a view of the neighborhood? You’ll find a comfortable seating area near the terrace. In the mood for a cup of coffee? If you’re lucky you could find an espresso machine waiting for you in the kitchen. Opposite the swimming pool is another seating area where you can refresh your eyes and marvel at the plant life in your garden as you take a sip of your favorite beverage.


Villa Izmir is available for monthly and yearly rental at 15,172 US dollars.


Villa Golden Buddha


Have you ever visited a cafe and fallen in love with the vibe? Perhaps it has something to do with the interior design that makes it a cheerful place to be. Villa Golden Buddha takes the best parts of the designs that make up a fun cafe and restaurant and incorporates them into a beautiful holiday villa.


This charming 3-bedroom villa is located in the Pererenan area and sits on 250 square meters of land. It has a fully equipped kitchen and fully-furnished interiors, with closed living room and balcony, giving you ample space and peace of mind when moving here. The combination of a modern and traditional style of the villa creates a homey and warm feel for those who stay.


Within walking distance to the beach and only 10 minutes to reach central Canggu by your two-wheeler, the villa is perfect for a young spirited homeowner. Villa Golden Buddha is available for yearly rental.


Bali Coconut Living is a villa management service that also acts as property agent and consultant. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you with anything.

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