Bali Villas for Sale in Seminyak: Dream Starter House

20 October 2020 by Ade
Bali Villas for Sale in Seminyak: Dream Starter House

Starting from 3.3 billion rupiah and no more than 4 billion rupiah, you can make your dream starter house with these Bali villas for sale in Seminyak.


In this article, we feature these two houses as excellent starter houses in Seminyak. Firstly, what is a starter house? Many would define a starter house as the first house that a person can afford to buy. However, we want to think a little outside the box. After all, Seminyak is an undeniable expensive neighborhood and first-time homeowners aren’t likely to buy villas for sale in Seminyak.


How about the first house you buy when you move into Bali after having spent many years abroad? This starter house may not seem like many of the holiday villas which you see taking up the majority of our listings. However, it’s a start — starting from 3.3 billion rupiah and no more than 4 billion rupiah, you can choose to live in these ideal living spaces in the Seminyak neighborhood, and then lease them for passive income when you’re ready to live someplace else.


Rumah Elsa


At an ideal distance to Seminyak’s bustling city center, Rumah Elsa sits in a pleasantly quiet Seminyak residential area. The neighborhood is friendly, and you may even find hundreds of communities around this Seminyak area that you can look out for. The house is set on a 150 square meter land size but is able to accommodate 3 large bedrooms with 3 bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and private parking spaces.


If you prefer, you can install a swimming pool at the backside of the house, or alternatively, you can add Balinese soil, plant grass, and make a flourishing garden. The space is yours, and it’s wide open for possibilities.


With more interior space while still providing extra exterior space, you can truly design a home that offers everything that you can find outside. Do you love coffee? Install your own cafe design and coffee kitchen. Enjoy going to the cinema? You can easily create your own personal entertainment room. It’s the perfect home for creative people.


Rumah Bunga


Would you like the interior space of Rumah Elsa, but still can’t figure out the right furniture and decorations that would make a fitting starter home? Then take a look at Rumah Bunga that is fully furnished, ready to be occupied the instant you move in.


Designed for light movers, Rumah Bunga offers everything you need to presume your lifestyle without multiple trips to the home depot in your first few weeks in Bali. You only need to bring your clothes and a few cherished possessions.


This townhouse is also located on the quiet side of Seminyak, but not too far away from the action. The house is built on 112 square meters of lot size with 200 square meters of floor size, consisting of 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, enclosed kitchen, dining and living room, keeping the whole family together. The parking space also accommodates multiple vehicles.


Start your Bali life


Bali Coconut Living is happy to show you around the hundreds of houses available in Seminyak, Canggu, and surrounding areas. If you are happy with your new home, we will be happy with our work; Bali Coconut Living is more than just a property agent. We are advisors, with a villa management service. Looking for a Bali villa or property for sale? Don’t hesitate to visit or give us a call

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