Bali Villas for Sale Freehold: New Neighborhoods

16 October 2020 by Ade
Bali Villas for Sale Freehold: New Neighborhoods

Will you be one of the freehold owners of a home near Uluwatu Temple? Here are two Bali villas for sale, freehold and freshly built.


For many years, Bali Coconut Living has offered to assist in selling or leasing villas — some aged and rustic, while others modern and minimalistic. We are now expanding to offer more value by helping developers sell the best and latest living spaces, freshly developed in the quiet side of Bali, and with great prices!


In this article, we’ll take a brief look at Villa Zumba — that is, they are not just one villa, but two villas in the neighboring vicinity. These are modern houses designed not just to look good, but to convey a subtle clue of the owners’ lifestyle and living experience. Millions of praises go to the architects and engineers who had built them.


Villa Zumba 2B and 3B are both new and complete constructions. Will you be the first to experience these wonderful houses?


Villa Zumba 2B


Villa Zumba 2B (2B meaning 2-bedroom) sits in a pleasant residential area of Ungasan, occupying a grand total of 186 square meters of land, on which you will live in a 234 square-meter house. It is the ideal home for the modern family, as it includes two large en-suite bedrooms, a wide-open swimming pool, and a generous parking area.


The price is now very affordable, which makes a good long-term investment at the center of tourism and cultural hotspot. The south of Bali is the home of a few cultural icons, such as the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue, and Uluwatu temple and its enchanting Kecak dance performers. What used to be a barren rocky peninsula is now up for grabs for residential home builders as the Ungasan area is becoming a more beautiful place to live.


Villa Zumba 3B


The older sister of Villa Zumba 2B, the three-bedroom counterpart is slightly larger, occupying a 216 square-meter land space, on which a 253 square-meter building stands. The extra addition of an en-suite bedroom is perfect for a large family. The architectural styling is similar to that of Villa Zumba 2B, and the marginal cost is simply attributed to the extra land space that you would obtain for a great benefit.


It would still make an absolutely fine addition to your property investment portfolio. Many domestic buyers have large families who prefer to live in one of the most prestigious residential areas in Bali. A large land to own in what will become a more expensive real estate center in five years’ time is a great asset to have.

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