Villa for Leasehold in Bali: A Taste of Seminyak

6 October 2020 by Ade
Villa for Leasehold in Bali: A Taste of Seminyak

If you want to live in Seminyak long-term, the best strategy is to buy a leasehold for 5 to 10 years. You can also sublet villas, making a business along the way.

Seminyak has so many adjectives that seem fitting to be placed before it: cool, hip, upmarket, and fantastic, to name a few. Everyone seems to want to get a taste of Seminyak for as long as they can. Let’s say you’ve just moved into Bali and you want to live as close as you can to Seminyak and become part of the community. What are your options?


If completely owning a property in Seminyak is not your option, you could do a long-term rental, but even the yearly rate seems costly. The best alternative would be to get a villa for leasehold. On the surface, it seems like taking a long-term rental. However, there are many benefits of getting a leasehold that far outweigh simply taking a long-term rental. You will save around 50% of the cost, and you can virtually own the villa for decades. You can even sublet a portion of your villa to paying visitors if you like.


These are privileges that can’t be found in long-term rentals. So to get a proper taste of Seminyak, have a look at a couple of properties and villas for leasehold in south Bali.


Villa Livia


Villa Livia offers a generous space even while being nestled at the heart of Seminyak. It is available to lease for a minimum of 5 years at an affordable price. The villa features everything that you expect in a villa -- en-suite bedrooms (two of them), open plan kitchen with open living space, a private garden swimming pool, and parking area.


Even though it is in the center of the town, the 250 square meter villa is located in one of the quiet alleys of Seminyak, not too close to the busy nightlife for you to be able to enjoy a comfortable and private stay in this villa. Who knew that Seminyak can also be a place of healing and tranquility? Find out more about this villa by visiting Villa Livia in Seminyak!


Villa Michi


If you’re looking for a special price, look no further than Villa Michi, also located in the same neighborhood as Villa Livia. What is so special about this villa? You can lease it for up to 10 years with approximately the same price as Villa Livia. Quite a bargain for a villa in the central area of town, don’t you think?


Villa Michi is truly the villa for couples. With one beautiful en-suite bedroom, this 150 square meter property is comparable to other villas in the market. Swimming pool, parking space, fully equipped kitchen, and an open garden is the perfect long-term getaway house for you and your partner. Of course, when speaking in terms of ROI, subletting this villa to daily, monthly or even yearly tenants makes all the difference in your property investment portfolio. Approximately 5 minutes to Oberoi Street and Dhyana Pura Street, you can charge a premium to your tenants for being so close to Seminyak’s landmarks.


Visit Bali Coconut Living and meet our agents. We can’t wait to show you around these lovely villas.

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