Land for Sale in Bali: Unlock the Hidden Potential

29 September 2020 by Ade
Land for Sale in Bali: Unlock the Hidden Potential

Buying land for sale in Bali in a developing area is one of the best property investment strategies. You’ll be open to opportunities, with no maintenance cost and high resale value.

When you travel across Canggu and Umalas, you may notice that there are many empty plots. Some small paddy patches have been sold and converted from farming land into ordinary land for building, as farmers move to buy cheaper land and build their business elsewhere in Bali. If someone were to see this and think that Canggu and Umalas aren’t desirable places to be, they’d be wrong. 


In recent years, Canggu and Umalas have grown in popularity and landowners know this; the prices of land have increased steadily ever since. If you love the game of Monopoly, and you’re also a property investor, then you’ll know that this is the right opportunity to get yourself some land.


Buying land for sale in Bali in a developing area is one of the best property investment strategies. You may not know exactly what the land will be used for —to build restaurants, villas, hotels, or cafes. All you have is land that requires little to no maintenance costs, a strong potential for development, and very high resale value.


Land for sale in Umalas (2.4 are)


It is easy to look beyond the overgrowth and see the potential of this land five years from now. Take a look at this land’s exact location and surroundings. It lies in a small neighborhood, with access through a narrow driveway that was already prepared for housing developments. The area is also relatively developed, with a few houses already occupying the neighboring lands, and connected to the electric grid.


The main road connected to this brick driveway is Jl. Bumbak, and in the immediate surroundings you can find so many accommodating shops and eateries — Red Spatula Coffee and Roastery, and Go Bike & Car Rentals to name a few. It’s safe to say that this land is perfect for a collection of guesthouses or even a hotel, but keep your options open. To the south, Jl. Pantai Berawa invites visitors to join the crowd at the beach.


Land for sale in Canggu (4.09 are)


When it comes to land for sale in Canggu, huge deals are waiting at every corner. A great example is this 4.09 Are land. With twice the area, you may think that the cost could be twice that in Umalas. This land may be huge, but it comes with a great bargain, as the cost to double the land size is marginal. The best part is, the land is very close to Jl. Pantai Berawa, which means excellent access to the ever-popular Canggu beach.


Unlike the first featured land, this land opens up even more potential. Right at the roadside, but not completely tucked away, there is potential for this land for villas, shops, or small restaurants. There is space to spare for parking, making this spot so desirable to many other buyers, should you wish to resell the land.


Unlock the hidden potential of land


Bali Coconut Living can give helpful advice on what you should do with your land. We are not just a property agency, but a consultant that also acts as a villa managing service. If you are interested in the above propositions and you’d like to meet with one of our agents, feel free to visit us on Jl. Bumbak or give us a call.

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