View of the Sea: Bali Villas for Sale

19 September 2020 by Ade
View of the Sea: Bali Villas for Sale

Words can’t always describe how incredible the view of the shoreline is, if you can enjoy it everyday at your own home. Find inspiration from these Bali villas for sale.


The sea may be the very thing that made you fall in love with Bali in the first place. The breeze, the smells of fresh sea air, the sunsets, the large expanse of blue that covers up 70% of our planet – these are the things that make living by the seashore a worthy investment. Have a look at what these Bali villas for sale have to offer.


Finch Villa 2


This villa brings the element of earth and water together. From the outside, the villa looks humble and modest. It is a rectangular apartment-style house with 2 floors, minimalistically designed with wooden accents to give it a modern look. Furthermore, it sits on 1100 square meters of land, guaranteeing space for further development, while maintaining absolute privacy.


The land surrounding the villa accommodates a large swimming pool that overlooks traditional Balinese rice terraces that change color with the changing seasons. Residents can observe how the Bali rice farmers navigate down each level of paddy plot, as they plant life-nourishing rice by hand.


In the background, the Indian Ocean emerges from the view behind short trees. On most days, you can hear the sounds of waves rushing against the flow of Jeh Poh river. A family can enjoy the villa’s 6 en-suite bedrooms, open-plan kitchen, closed living space, garden, and parking area, in addition to the facilities mentioned above.


Villa Permata 5


Villa Permata is half the size of Finch Villa, but a well-planned house at the right location can become a wonderful deal that brings so much value. The villa from the outside looks just like an ordinary house with a green facade, covered with incredibly packed plant life at the front side. Whether to add fresh oxygen to the breeze-facing front side, or to add extra privacy, this is just one of the unique features that Villa Permata has to offer.


The spacious living area at the heart of this villa is what defines its interior characteristics. Villa Permata may have a closed living space, but it has large windows that face the east. This is a great advantage because you can enjoy fresh morning air as you sit on your recliner, without having to worry about getting sunburned.


The upper terrace, complete with a large wick dining table underneath a canopy, and sun-kissed lounge with a view of the sea is the gem of this incredible villa. Have meals together as a family while listening to the sound of waves and the evening sea breeze. More than just an observation deck, it can potentially become your peace sanctuary.


Sold with freehold title


Even if you are only a property investor who would not spend as much time in these villas as your guests, remember that these villas can become yours. A freehold title, granted to Indonesian citizens, is the most secure title deed. If you are Indonesian, or someone with an Indonesian spouse or a family member, this is a great family investment that can be passed down for generations to come.


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