New Highlights: Freehold Villas in Umalas

10 August 2020 by Ade
New Highlights: Freehold Villas in Umalas

This week we feature three villas that many people have been asking about. These are freehold villas in Umalas for sale for your dream house and villa business.


This week, we would like to feature these freehold villas in Umalas. It seems that many people are interested in these three villas and we seem to know why. These villas are freehold villas for sale, and they are located in the increasingly popular Umalas.


Umalas is, of course, the ideal residential area, since Canggu, Seminyak and Denpasar are roughly the same distance from these properties. Umalas is now becoming the new town center where residents can quickly gain access to all parts of mid-south Bali.


Let’s check out each one of them.


1. Villa Azriel


Villa Azriel has been put in many people’s wishlist. This is no surprise – the villa is gorgeous, both inside and out. The villa has a decently sized pool with emerald brick formation as its flooring, surrounded by gentle night lighting. The garden has a few shrubs and a single decorative palm tree. The grassy section is tame and easy to maintain, and safe for children to play on.


The interior is fully furnished with selected minimalistic but modern furniture. There are four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a guest toilet. On the second floor, the east-facing balcony looks amazing in the morning. The whole house has a hotel-resort feel to it, and it would change your standards for vacation hotels when this house is forever yours.


2. Villa Hanna 2


This villa is not as grand as Azriel, yet does its job well to accommodate a small tight-knit family in a safe and friendly neighborhood. It has a swimming pool at the back, which is soothing in the afternoon when a part of the building casts a shadow on the water.


The best part about this villa is that it is unfurnished, except for the kitchen set which has been installed. The house has so much potential; the now “blank-page” interior invites you to personalize and customize every corner, from the interior paint to the choice of functionality for each room.


3. Villa Charlie


Villa Charlie is currently under development; it’s a series of villas in a housing cluster. The interesting thing about this villa is that you can use it for either residential or business purposes – this is uncommon in Umalas, and that would add so much value to the property. The current price is way lower than it would be once it’s completed, so feel free to visit the site.


The villa occupies a decent 190 m2 land which gives it room for a swimming pool. There are 3 bedrooms on the second floor, and 3 bathrooms. This is a standard family home architecture, but you’ll only need to modify a few elements of the interior design before you can have a $90 holiday rental villa for the up-market.


Interested in one of these villas? Feel free to drop a message at Bali Coconut Living. We are a property agent and villa management service to help you run your property business in the background.

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