Freehold Villas in Canggu for Property Investment

7 July 2020 by Ade
Freehold Villas in Canggu for Property Investment

Take a closer look at these freehold villas in Canggu to diversify your property investment. Canggu, with Nusa Dua, are the most trending destinations right now!


The Bali property market has never been better. With an increased influx of tourists and a diversification of businesses within the tourism industry itself, the tourism sector in Bali is evolving. This is why investing in a freehold villa in Canggu and Nusa Dua (two of the most trending places at the moment) is a great way to tap into this market.


We’ll introduce you to three Bali villas for sale that are well-suited for a freehold property investment strategy. 


Villa Aksa Bali

Tibubuneng, Canggu


Villa Aksa Bali is fully furnished, but you don’t have to worry too much about the maintenance. All the furniture has been selected to suit the minimalistic feel of the entire villa. Feel free to add artworks on the walls or other decorations, or to rearrange and repurpose the rooms – it’s easy to manage and clean.


Minimalism doesn’t always mean reducing quality and service. The villa is fully equipped with an outdoor swimming pool with a wooden platform for sunbathing. The garden is also teeming with healthy foliage and flowers. These are all great experiences particularly for tourists from the US, European and Australian regions.


Dahlia 12

Berawa, Canggu


Dahlia 12 was built by talented contractors and architects. The glass walls allow maximum natural lighting into the living room and dining room area, accentuating its futuristic feel. It is ideal as a yearly rent, a great treat for many people from the East and Southeast Asian regions.


While the architecture seems atypical of villas in Bali, the interior designers have selected furniture that humbles the lofty attitude of the exterior design. Wicker tables, chairs and lamp shades, together with the solid wooden dining table and nature-derived decorations bring a complementary and natural element into the living experience.


This lovely villa includes a swimming pool and a lily pond, which also functions as a bedding for healthy bamboo plant life.


Villa Pari

Berawa, Canggu


Villa Pari is the dream guesthouse. It comes with a large swimming pool and a spacious outdoor area, sitting on 600 square meters of land. Currently the outer edges of the swimming pool is covered with slip-free wooden platforms and stone borders that protect the garden from overflow from the pool.


The outdoor area thus creates a great opportunity for landscaping, should you feel the need to add extra room to the 3-bedroom U-shaped villa that encompasses the swimming pool.


The interior is all but minimalistic. Each room is a gold mine for artistic decorations from traditional crafts to contemporary works by Bali’s reputable artists. The interior design is a visual equivalent to Bali’s traditional gamelan music. Guests who appreciate cultural experiences will find the beautiful decorations a lovely treat that add so much value to their stay.


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