How to Budget for Long-Term Villa Rentals in Bali

8 April 2020 by Ade
How to Budget for Long-Term Villa Rentals in Bali

Staying for a month in a hotel room in Bali may not sound appealing to you. If you are browsing villas for a long-term rental instead, then you are on the right track to save money for traveling while enjoying additional benefits that villas can offer.


At Bali Coconut Living, we are here to help you settle down in Bali quicker and more comfortably. Here is our short guide on how to prepare a budget for your villa.


How costly is traveling in Bali?


This is a fair question to ask with not one well-defined answer – it depends on 2 things: location of your stay, and the type of accommodation.


A good rule of thumb for location is that the easier it is for tourists to access the location, the more expensive the accommodation will be.


The south of Bali has some of the most expensive real estate in the entire country, but you can find great accommodations for your money’s worth in the northern regions (Buleleng, and Bangli), the eastern region (Karangasem), or in the western regions (Tabanan, and Jembrana).


Of course, the northern and western regions are not that popular due to the large distance from the capital (Denpasar), and that may cost you other conveniences like hospitals, banks, and English-speaking locals who can help you. If you’re not planning to explore much in these regions, renting a villa in the south is a safer bet.


Quick guideline for accommodation costs


In South Bali, you can get by with less than US$11 a night. You’d get a small room with a single window, a fan, a cold shower, and if you’re really lucky, you have a pool.


With US$12 to US$25 a night, you should expect air conditioning, hot water shower, a small fridge, wifi and breakfast – although arguably, you can find more satisfying breakfast across the street, if you don’t mind street food. Accommodations like these most likely include swimming pools.


At luxury hotel levels, you should expect greater comfort with a price of at least US$36 a night.


What can villas offer that hostels and hotels do not?


In short, you can enjoy air conditioned rooms, hot showers, a personal kitchen with a refrigerator, gas stove and utilities, a large living room with TV, fast wifi, enough space for friends or family, and possibly a large swimming pool – all this for the price of 12 US-dollars per person per night.


You should definitely check out Villa Cendrawasih in coastal Pererenan (near Canggu). This is one of the many villas in our catalogue, and we normally list villas that are around the popular hot spots in South Bali – Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Ubud, Sanur, Nusa Dua, and Tanah Lot.


Search your new holiday home in Bali


Renting and buying holiday homes in Bali is easier than ever. Our agents are happy to assist you with legal document preparations and payment arrangements, so you don’t have to spend too much mental energy in planning your long-term holiday. What are the next steps? First Discover your favourite Villa, then Contact our Agents.

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