A Complete Checklist for Buying a Villa in Bali

27 September 2019 by Ade
A Complete Checklist for Buying a Villa in Bali

It can be exciting to observe some properties and villas in Bali before you make the purchase, but essential details can easily be missed. Make sure you inspect a property with the right checklist as it is critically important for you to check out the property or villa with all the information you need before making the offer.

There are a lot of things to consider when planning to buy a villa in Bali, we will guide you through the essential points here.

Find the right location

One of the first decisions to make when choosing your property is it’s location. Whether you would like it on the beachfront, on a clifftop or next to a supermarket, the choice is entirely up to you. Just be sure to check the development plans for the surrounding area and confirm it won’t impact the rentability of your property and lifestyle.

Also consider the disadvantages of the location, for example the beach or cliff may be too breezy.

Another point to note is the accessibility of your location. Your villa needs to be within reasonable driving distance to go shopping and for recreational activities. Be sure the access road leading to your villa is adequate and wide enough for cars to park along, as well as letting other vehicles pass by.

Approved legal

Once you have found your dream villa in your dream location, make sure you have the rights to own it! Check every document of the property and its location to make sure it matches the land certificate. Also, before purchasing the property, confirm the Building Permit of the land (IMB) is for the right zone and that there are no restrictions that compromise the building of your villa.

Facilities you need

After you have found the right villa in the best location, get deep within the property and find out if the facilities you need are all there too! For you, a swimming pool or free Wi-Fi might be important, and you’ll surely be disappointed if they’re not included.

Other facilities to enquire about are the Water Supply and the existence of electricity. For water, you should check with the PDAM if it's available in the area. If not, it’s possible to install a deep well with a water truck to your villa’s storage tank. While ensuring electrical connection is provided by the National Electricity Company (PLN). When everything is available, you are ready to enjoy a great holiday in your villa.

These are a few things to look out for before buying a villa in Bali. Contact Bali Coconut Living for a list of recommended villas to rent or buy in the best locations around the island.

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