Stay in Bali for Unforgettable Cultural Experiences

26 August 2019 by Ade
Stay in Bali for Unforgettable Cultural Experiences

It’s a single island with temples, volcanoes, surfing waves and monkeys to tame! Bali offers all elements of your traveling persuasion and shouts paradise for experiences you will never forget. Sure, the island has breathtaking aesthetic beauties, though it’s the cultural wonders that are incredible and make Bali one of a kind.


Temple to Temple

Bali is a blessed island with the nickname “Island of the Gods”. Therefore, don’t be surprised by the temples you’ll see along the way. There are thousands of temples (known as “Pura”) on the island, every village has a main temple and every Balinese home will have at least one temple for offerings. Here are the top temples you should visit:

Pura Tirta Empul

One of Bali’s iconic water temples were they say magical, purifying properties are within the sacred springs of holy water. Tirta Empul is located in the central part of the island and has a literal meaning to ‘holy water spring’. It’s a must visit in Bali!

Pura Besakih or The Mother Temple of Bali

Located in the fast-growing tourism district of Karangasem, Besakih temple is a grand complex in the foot of Mount Agung and is considered to be Bali’s holiest place.


Balinese Dishes

Experience the Balinese essence of on your plate! It will be a real shame if you miss out on the traditional cuisine, as the local dishes are a big part of the tradition. Here are the traditional dishes in Bali you should try:

Sate Lilit

Indonesian satays or sate are grilled slices of chicken, goat or pork skewered on sticks. Bali’s sate Lilit has its own peculiar creation and taste which consists of marinated coconut milk and other spices tourists will enjoy.

Babi Guling

Bali’s roasted pork, famously known as “Babi Guling” is a must try! The pig is roasted as a whole and is rolled over the fire with the meat mixed with traditional spices greased over the pork making this an iconic Balinese dish. It’s served during cultural performances or ceremonies, nowadays, it can be enjoyed in local restaurants.


Balinese Gamelan

The traditional Balinese ‘Gamelan’ is also an essential piece of Balinese culture. It consists of heavy on percussion and relies on an assembly of various traditional instruments such as bamboo flutes and xylophones to make peaceful rhythmic goodness. You can find these instruments performed in a majority of places in Ubud, Restaurants and in some hotels and villas.


Local Markets

From the street foods in the bustling food markets to souvenirs, trinkets, colorful clothing on the other markets. It’s the center of the destination’s local heartbeat and you’ll get the chance to dive into the local environment and spend time with the locals.

Bali is truly an island of deep culture and traditions and still preserves it with little change over time. Tourists have been in love with Bali’s culture since the beginning and always will be for years to come. Note that what is mentioned above is only a scratch of what Bali’s culture has to offer. Book now in Bali Coconut Living for affordable, long term villa rental in Bali, or a monthly stay and observe this magical island for yourself.

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