Your Guide to Moving to Bali

8 August 2019 by Ade
Your Guide to Moving to Bali

For those of you who have the freedom, its no doubt that Bali is an excellent idea for a long term stay! It serves you with a highly affordable lifestyle, great spicy food, and the kindest people you will meet.

Bali has a large expat community in Canggu, Ubud and Uluwatu. If your priority is to live close to the beach for a sunset view, then Canggu should be your base, or if you want an afforable lifestyle adorned with pure Balinese culture and lifestyle, then Ubud should be your choice of stay.

Getting a Local Sim Card

The quickest option is to purchase a sim card directly in the airport, even though its a little pricy – it’s easy to register and will allwo you to immediately get online. Other options are getting them in major tourist towns such as Kuta, Canggu or Ubud. Telkomsel is the most popular data company, with the best signal in Bali as well as afforable data rates. If you don’t purchase your sim card at the airport the best option is to go directly to a Telkomsel outlet as you are required to register your sim card before activation in Indonesia.

Getting A Scooter

Getting your own mode of transportation is a must when it comes to a long term stay in Bali. If you have a bike license and are confident riding a scooter this is the most common mode of transportation on the island. Since scooters are the most effective way of transportation, there are many dealers on the island for purchase or rental.

Food and Health

Bali will spoil you with restaurants and cafes with a choice of local Balinese to western cuisines. If you get sick with the infamous ‘’Bali Belly’’ there are many excellent resources for a quick recovery, Drs who speak English and good health care facilities.

Coworking Spaces

Keep in mind that you might need a co-working space if you are planning to settle down in Bali, the island is becoming one of the main hubs in Asia for digital nomads.

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