Top Bali Beach Clubs

26 July 2019 by Ade
Top Bali Beach Clubs

Feel the urge to party by the beach? Bali will spoil you with a mix of beach clubs in a Mediterranean style vibe with a handful of fresh local styles, lining the southern coasts and positioned below the cliffs of this tropical island.

With chill-out venues and beachside dining to brighten the spectacular coastlines and host evenings leading to beautiful Bali sunsets. Accompanied by classy snacks and tapas by world-class chefs and drinks prepared by experienced bartenders. If you’re looking for the best time on the coast, here is a list of the top beach clubs in Bali to help you decide.

Potato Head Beach Club

This beach club had its popularity rocketed by international DJ’s and celebrities taking the poolside stage, including great names such as M.I.A, Fat Boy Slim and Mark Ronson. This Seminyak venue has a unique and quirky architecture design resembling a stadium and coliseum, with a thin curved path into the club to make you feel like a gladiator up for battle. Once you enter, the beachfront bar and infinity pool within the grounds, are where the excitement begins. You’ll find bar tables arranged around the pool where the international DJs and celebrities perform.

Ku De Ta

This beach club is considered to be the trendsetter of beach nightlife which inspired other similar venues all over the island. Ku De Ta features a centerpiece lawn bordering the beachfront where all the special events are happening. Along with a private loft for secluded VIP-style moments.

The night is owned by Ku De Ta’s own international DJ team who joins a local English-language radio dedicated to lounge and over the top tunes, with its own FM airwaves and internet live streaming of its own, reaching a world audience. Its restaurant features a minimalist and modern architecture with lines of locally-influenced cuisines. All this combined gives Ku De Ta a national reputation for its top dining and chill out atmosphere.

Finn’s Beach Club

This Canggu hangout on Berawa Beach features a large all-bamboo structure with a blue-tiled infinity pool. You can spend the whole day at the venue, which opens until midnight, with their resident DJs hitting the booth every day from 4pm. Enjoy anything from chicken wings to grilled squid and a mix of local and international fusion from the menu.

Komune Beach Club

The only beach club on Keramas Beach of Gianyar. It is an excellent beach for surfers where you can ride the waves and then come back for some refreshing drinks and healthy bites at the unique restaurant and bar, shaped like a giant mushroom. A 20x10m circular aquamarine infinity pool in the center of a spacious green lawn is also available for you to enjoy. Expect some sunset sessions with chill out music around the pool deck and movie screenings held on its ‘lawn cinema’. Enjoy the happy hours from Monday to Friday offering 50% drinks from 5pm to 6pm.

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