Picking the Best Family Villa in Bali

18 July 2019 by Ade
Picking the Best Family Villa in Bali

Searching for the best family accommodation for your next visit to Bali? With some careful planning, you can choose the best and ideal villa for you and your loved ones.

Below are some things you should consider to ensure the best holiday villa for your family.

Locations and Safety

Make sure you know what kind of location you want to be in. If you’re looking for a beachfront villa, then avoid holiday houses obstructed by hotels. Keep in mind that most regions and cities publish their past history of crimes on the internet. You can therefore research crimes within the area of your stay, as your family’s safety and happiness is your top priority.

Researching Amenities

Complete your stay in a dream home! Since the property chosen will be yours to live in for the duration of your holiday, make sure it’s the most comfortable one for your family. A villa with a pool is always a win for kids, coupled with an enclosed yard for their safety. Other amenities include free Wifi, cable TV and local telephone service for your comfort.

Find out How Child-Friendly the Villa is

For those traveling with smaller children, anticipate the kind of danger you are likely to deal with in your villa. If there’s a pool, does it have a safety fence around it? If you are bringing a baby, does the villa have baby-proof locks on the doors and windows? All this can be confirmed with the property manager before you make your reservation.

Look for Kid-Friendly Attractions Nearby

Happy kids, happy vacation! While on your family vacation, entertainment for your kids’ is an essential factor. For a leisure afternoon, check if the villa you’re interested in is close to a playground. A beach or a neighborhood pool may also be a favorite for your family to enjoy. Also, consider the closest indoor park or movie theatre in case of a rainy day.

Wondering where to look for the best villas for your family holiday? Bali Coconut Living will assist you in finding the best possible match for your inquiry, offering you the best and ideal villas for your family to enjoy.

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