Uniquely Designed Leasehold Villa in Umalas

19 April 2021 by Ade
Uniquely Designed Leasehold Villa in Umalas

The best vacations are the ones that would give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy not only what the destination has to offer, but also the accommodation.


If you were vacationing with your family and your extended family, it would be ideal to stay in an accommodation that could cater to all ages. Given the age difference and differences in interests, it would be just perfect to set up camp at one of Bali’s most beautiful, luxurious, and spacious villas. This way, little children could spend all their time exploring the countryside while the less adventurous folks can relax and enjoy all the luxuries that the villa has to offer.


Introducing Villa Olite


Villa Olite is a hidden gem in the heart of Umalas. It stands out in the distance, even as you enter a private driveway off Jl. Bumbak. The villa is a modern fort of luxury, towering three stories above the surrounding paddy fields. It gives you the impression that you are to stay at a palace of an ancient rice kingdom — where you will be the king.


The villa features a modern architecture that is a cross between a cozy cafe and a mansion. The redwood and marble flooring, floor-to-ceiling windows, and enormous rooms adorned with granite ornaments are all supported by solid black steel beams and support bars.


All around the villa are plenty of shady spots where you can enjoy family dinners, midday conversations, and naps. In the shady parts of the swimming pool, the kids can swim in the cool of the shadow, away from the glare of the Bali sun.


Three floors of spectacular views


Wherever you are in the villa, you will enjoy spectacular views of the Balinese countryside. The garden thrives with an expanse of manicured grass and indigenous Bali trees and plants, such as the frangipani trees, which fragrant flowers fill the evening air.


A wraparound balcony runs the length of the house on the first floor, offering 360-degree views of ricefields and vegetable farms that are visible just beyond the property wall. This view can also be enjoyed from some of the bedrooms and even bathrooms.


The upper floor offers you even more elevation and unobstructed views of Umalas. Enjoy the view from a marble-covered viewing platform, under the shade of a traditional gazebo roof. There’s even space for a bonfire, so if you’re in the mood, you can sit with your friends and loved ones on the outdoor couch at nighttime and enjoy a gorgeous fire under the Bali sky.


Visit Villa Olite, a stunning and uniquely designed leasehold villa in Umalas. Call us at +62-361-847-6727 and we’ll show you around.

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