An Inspiring Freehold Villa in Canggu: Villa Javelin

8 April 2021 by Ade
An Inspiring Freehold Villa in Canggu: Villa Javelin

Ever been inside an art museum? Have you ever wished that your living space brings you the same feelings as that in your favorite art museum?


Villa Javelin may be the villa that could offer you a place where you can not only live and work but also feel inspired by the many Balinese paintings and ornaments that adorn almost every corner of the villa.


Villa Javelin, the freehold villa unlike any other


The previous owner of the house has collected these artworks for years, traveling through different Balinese Art Markets, and even in places, you may not have heard of. The revered masterpieces are proudly displayed within the house, enhanced and complemented by the spectacular interior design.


You will not find a jumbled collection of paintings and crafts, but a well-curated placement of artworks that tell a story as you walk through the hallways and traverse from one room to the other.


The name of the villa — Villa Javelin — was simply the name registered in our listing. The story behind it is probably something of a mystery. Art enthusiasts may think differently from us ordinary folks.


The essentialist’s home


The exterior design is simple, straightforward, even minimalistic. But the interior is far from minimalistic, with an essentialistic approach employed by the designer. You could agree that there is a story behind every piece of furniture and decoration. These are what make the Villa Javelin the villa that it is today — inspiring, artistic, modern; remaining true to its essence.


This is a home for a family; with three spacious bedrooms, it is nestled in a quiet and peaceful area of Tumbak Bayuh. A rare gem, this property lies on a generous 385 square meters of land. The swimming pool lines up along the side of the building, with plenty of shade from the frangipani trees that surround it.


Visit Villa Javelin, an inspiring freehold villa in Canggu. Call us at +62-361-847-6727 and we’ll give you a tour.

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