Joglo-Style Luxury Villas for Sale

22 August 2020 by Ade
Joglo-Style Luxury Villas for Sale

This joglo-style luxury villa for sale will blow away your expectations of what a villa can be. Surprise your potential tenant with this high-value luxurious property for sale.

In Java-Balinese culture, owning a joglo symbolizes a noble’s social status. It signifies that the landowner has enough land to build such a fantastic structure, and is capable of hiring the best artists, architects and interior designers to make a luxurious joglo.


In the modern day, most people are able to create replica joglos in their gardens, and it no longer serves the purpose of promoting one’s status. However, the virtue of the joglo remains unchanged, and people place high value on the joglo for its cultural significance and aesthetics.


Luxury villas adapting the joglo for great sale


An entire villa that is designed with a similar style to its authentic joglo predecessor will catch a wonderful price in the market, and brings a great cultural touch to a paying tenant. Do you think it is worth the investment? We encourage you to save your thoughts until you see this wonderful joglo-style luxury villa in Canggu.


Joglo Putri, the luxury villas collection


The Joglo Putri 3 house in particular sits on 1700 square-meters of land. A beautiful garden with hundreds different plant variants, volcanic stones and pebbles, and water features make the landscaping perfect. The building faithfully follows the essential elements of a joglo. There is an open common area, such as the kitchen and dining areas, with the relaxing area sharing the floor. A gentle breeze will bring earthy musk to mingle with the ‘interior’ air, while trickling water and the chirping of birds will greet you in the morning.


The structure is uncomplicated, uniquely angular but remains organic; wooden supports, walls and furniture keep the house grounded within the garden. For a family of five, the luxury villa is leased at Rp 13.65 billion for 10 years and extendable. Currently, it fetches a market price of Rp 1.485 billion for yearly rentals, but this may increase if you allow us to market and manage the villa for you.






The villa is not far away from the bustling Canggu beach with some of the island’s most spectacular beach clubs and prestigious restaurants. Guests of this villa will be spoiled with many conveniences and access to popular areas. Getting in and out of the suburbs to the rest of the island only takes a straightforward drive and easy navigation with little traffic.


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