Guide to Surveying Land for Sale in Bali

13 July 2020 by Ade
Guide to Surveying Land for Sale in Bali

Before buying land for sale in Bali, you should consider conducting a land survey. This will protect you from land disputes and uncover any easement.


Purchasing an entire lot of empty land allows you to control construction from various aspects, from the costs to design and functionality. As towns such as Canggu grow fast, you can find many plots of land for sale, initially owned by farmers, sold at an affordable price.


However, it is necessary to conduct a land survey first. It’s particularly important if you purchase land that was once used for agriculture or forestry in the countryside or suburbs. This short guide was intended to give you some basic information of what land surveying is, why it is done and who should do so and when.


What is a land survey?


Essentially, a land survey is the act of determining the exact lines of a property. It is done in order to know the boundaries of ownership. Since land ownership disputes can be a hassle to solve in the courtroom, many buyers prefer to pay a small fee to do land surveys in order to strengthen their claim.


You may find that some people on the Internet would claim that land surveys aren’t necessary, since the legitimate land owner would have the document of ownership (Sertifikat Hak Milik or SHM) with the exact measures of the plot drawn within it.


While this is true in areas where property lines are easily defined, such as in town centers and housing zones, the lines are literally and figuratively blurred when it comes to land that was never improved, other than for farming.


What are the benefits of doing land surveys?


By defining your domain, you are avoiding land disputes. Land disputes are unsurprisingly common in rural Indonesia, particularly in cultures with strong family land heritage such as Bali.


It must be noted that Indonesia as an organized and united country is only a few generations old. Families that have owned the land for generations found themselves at odds with the more modern land ownership regulations.


Therefore, it’s not surprising if a landowner in the rural area does not have a land certificate or the most updated land certificate. Doing land surveys before purchasing the property helps not only you, but also future owners and neighborhoods to recognize and respect the property boundaries.


Another more general reason is to recognize easements within your property, to avoid any surprise insurance charge.  


Who can conduct land surveys?


A licensed professional surveyor can conduct land surveys, and who would work closely with a notary to update the land certificate. While we do not provide land surveying services, we are more than happy to connect you with our trusted land survey partner.


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