Guide For Staying & Renting In A Canggu Villa

7 October 2019 by Ade
Guide For Staying & Renting In A Canggu Villa

Canggu was once a quiet, rural village filled with beautiful rice fields close to the coast with a long stretch of sparkling black sand beach and challenging waves, making it popular with surfers. Today, Canggu has evolved into Bali’s quirky boho town, a hippie haven with eccentric bars, clubs, boutiques and hangouts as well as the highest concentration of vegan cafes anywhere in South Bali.

Although developing fast, Canggu is still a top favourite amongst the younger tourists or the digital nomads looking for that cool laid-back coastal vibe. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Canggu, you won’t ever run out of options. The area is fairly new to tourism so most guesthouses, villas and hotels are spanking new and modern but with that distinct tropical touch.

From private lofts, studios, swanky apartments to luxurious villas, Canggu really has everything to suit your budget but before agreeing to anything, it is always best to do your research; and this is especially true if you have never stayed in Indonesia before.

While short-term rentals can be as easy as walking into a guesthouse or clicking a few buttons and making a booking, long-term rentals can be a little more complicated. If you are planning to stay from a month to even a year or more, you really need to learn about the country’s general property and rental laws and learn not to trust just anybody who might be offering you what you think is a really good deal. Plus, some villa owners may not be fluent in your native language so communication might be a problem.

If you’re coming to Bali and looking to rent a beautiful villa in Canggu, always go to a trusted and credible third-party with a wonderful track record and tons of positive customer reviews. Bali is small and word gets around – both good and bad! One of the more popular Canggu villa management companies is Bali Coconut Living, a company run by a team of passionate people who are always at the ready to give you a personalized villa experience.

The company has a wide range of houses, studios, apartments, residences and villas in Canggu that are available for inspections. So whatever your budget, length of stay, location and other preferences, you can get it all sorted out with Bali Coconut Living.

Setting up your new home in Bali will be easier when you are working together with people who know the property landscape with the know-how to eliminate scams, property laws and other bureaucracy. Why stress when you can get someone else to do it for you?

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